Client Services Commitment

Arcane Strategies takes pride in our ability to offer a reasonably priced service with faster response times and more proactive measures than our competitors, right here in the U.S.A.  We believe that there’s a place in the cloud support community for technology engaged customers to hire a partner that can keep them informed and be there when they need it most.  We know that as technologists, your options for an affordable support alternative are slim; between self-sustainability and dedicated services, the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze!

Uptime is critical to your company and you want a a reasonably priced service without the need for a dedicated team, and we think that’s fair.  That’s why Arcane Strategies is willing to strike a deal with you, as follows:

  1. In the event your SLA is not met, your Account Manager will investigate the issue and provide a written explanation of the course of events.  He/She will also propose a plan to prevent such issues from occurring in the future.
  2. You will be able to reach your Account Manager by phone, for the first 2 weeks following the incident, inclusive of after hours.  In the event you are unable to reach your Account Manager through Arcane’s main phone line, our ticketing system will provide 24/7 assistance through any of our available engineers and you will receive a phone call in response, no more than 4 hours later.
  3. Should Arcane Strategies fail to meet the commitments of our SLA and the prevention plan and response commitment identified in items 1 and 2, you may terminate your contract with Arcane Strategies, provided written notice of the incident 30 days prior to final date of service, regardless of your contract length.  This commitment is guaranteed provided that you have no outstanding balances with Arcane Strategies, have had no past due payments over the last 2 billing cycles, and have not breached your contract, general terms and conditions, or any referred agreement contained therewith.