Managed Serverless Architecture

With our managed Serverless architecture solution, manage your Serverless instances for as low as $19/mo.

Managed Serverless architecture can help you run a serverless environment for your application, storage, or database such as AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Laravel Vapor, Google Datastore, or AWS RDS. 

As managed environments, serverless architecture has its trade-offs.  While the cost of an RDS might be much higher than an EC2 installed database, for example, your maintenance costs are greatly reduced and your ability to scale to burstable traffic is automated.  So, why need serverless support at all?

One of the most popular implementations of serverless containers is to leverage remotely connected resources for higher performance, scalability, and to off-loaded maintenance.

  • Like many other managed hosting offers, serverless architecture offers you a hosted solution on a provider-controlled environment.  What happens when updates aren’t compatible with your application?  Can you afford the impact to your application?  How long would it take you to on-board contractors to address the problem?
  • Whether connecting to remote databases, or creating and retrieving API-connected storage on the fly, networking is of critical importance but frequently problematic.  Blocked or dropped API calls or firewall restricted remote access can cause your operations to come to an immediate halt.  Can you afford the downtime and costs involved in hiring a contractor?

With managed services, your monthly subscription gets you prompt service, at a nominal fee, to address problems which lie between your connected application and your serverless instance, with engineers familiar with your environment.

Arcane monitors your public applications and connections to take immediate action in the event of downtime.  With access to ticketing and a dedicated phone line, you can ensure that Arcane takes hands-on action, 24/7, with U.S.-based engineers to keep your business moving.

Trust a partner who understands the Costs of Downtime.  Cheap support can cost you more than lost sales.  Get serious with a professional managed serverless services plan.

Hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Vapor, or Google? Arcane’s engineers are qualified in all these platforms, in fact, we’re long-time customers!

We believe in quality and attentive service from engineers you can trust to understand your system and handle your account with care. Our “Standard” SLA beats our competition in cost and response time for small and mid-sized businesses.