The All-In-One DevOps Tool

WitMap.io is an all-in-one DevOps Tool that unifies your web enterprise by improving delegation and allowing code-free deployment. This creates a streamlined DevOps pipeline for all the resources involved with your projects.

Arcane Strategies has been developing WitMap over the past 3 years, adding more and more features along the way. What started out as an automatic tool to document multiple websites’ stacks, has become a complete DevOps Solution.  Allowing even non-technical users to review, audit and deploy code. Here are a few of the things you can do with WitMap:

User Management

  • Teams – Create teams of users withing and/or outside your company.
  • Leaders – Assign Team Leads to handle delegation of tasks.
  • Companies – Add, or remove, entire teams to your projects.
  • Projects – Give Teams, Companies, or Contractors access to projects from one page.

Asset Management

  • Servers – Add or Remove Servers or permissions to one with just a few clicks.
  • Hosting Platforms – More than one Server? Add the whole Platform and manage permissions to it.
  • Repositories – Add GitHub of BitBucket Reops to your WitMap Projects.

Operations Management

  • Jira – Integrate directly to an existing Jira account.
  • Audits – Run or Schedule Audits for different assets on WitMap.
  • QA Tests – Manage Checklists and Bugs of our QA processes.

The idea behind WitMap.io as a DevOps tool is to help both developers and non-technical managers work together in a more efficient and effective process. By creating a single tool to link all of the different development platforms and tools, WitMap can increase your team’s deployment speed and improve cloud platform management.