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$30.00 $30.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

DevOps Platform Monthly Subscription
AWS, Azure, Jira, LAMP compatible

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Pre-register for our DevOps free trial, today!

  • Pre-registrants will receive an extended free trial (normally 15 days) up to 3 months.
  • SysOps clients will gain FREE access to our platform.

Arcane’s DevOps platform is a proprietary SAAS product which services Azure, AWS, and even custom dedicated servers (Rackspace Dedicated Cloud, homebrew, Godaddy or other VPS, etc) in a single platform for ease of use with your multiple ancillary services. Integrate project management, resource management, and asset management tools for a robust automation experience sure to simplify your workflow:

  • Free JIRA access through Arcane’s licensing. Access limited to 1 JIRA account per account ($30)
  • Reduce your costs with sub-accounts at $10/user for each additional teammate (sub-accounts do not have JIRA access)
  • Integrate with GitHub and BitBucket for continuous codebase synchronization on your staging and production environments
  • Leverage Ansible, Chef, AWS, and Azure API’s for continuous instance deployment and accessibility
  • Schedule server and code management jobs in accordance with your project plan
  • Project team-based alert and permissions automation
  • Server and repository backup management, even frontend HTML caching history!
  • Extensive QA development features like:
    • Unit testing and custom test case management
    • Code and security auditing
    • Service/component version management and upgrade alerting
    • Frontend responsive iterative and screenshot comparison tools

Arcane’s DevOps tool is the only product on the market to offer a multi-platform compatible all-in-one product for frontend, backend, project, and server management

The platform is available as a stand-alone service, beginning at $30/mo per account (power user) and $10/mo per sub-account. The service may be added on at no charge, for SysOps contracts. Support for the standalone service is only available via forum. Operator assistance and ticketing is not available with a stand-alone service.

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