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Elevate. Innovate.

(541) 649-2508 New York, Savannah, Miami

Hosting Support and Digital Consulting

Arcane Strategies is your expert digital partner in systems integration and operations automation for the modern business.

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Don't Just Pay For Support, HIRE IT!

We'll monitor your websites, not just your servers, and take action to restore the site immediately. Our engineers will alert you at the sign of downtime and follow up with full diagnostics.

Get serious about your uptime with quality and attentive service from digital media veterans you can trust to understand your system and handle your account with care.

Arcane Cloud Support: An industry leading cost effective solution for small and mid-sized businesses with basic cloud support needs1.

AWS Azure Rackspace Arcane Cloud
Standard Service Price1 $100+/mo $300/mo $500+/mo $300/mo
Premium Service Option2 $1,000/mo $2,500/mo $1,000/mo
Support Other Providers? AWS, Azure, Rackspace AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Homebrew, etc.
Proactive Website Monitoring and Restoration? Monitoring Add-On. Reactive Restore. Monitoring Add-On. Reactive Restore.
Free DevOps Licensing and Integration?

1 "Standard" SLA identifies the equivalent SLA/price tier for each corresponding service: Amazon's "Business, Microsoft's "Standard", Rackspace's "Navigator" (and "Managed" for Rackspace solutions), and Arcane's "Standard".

2 “Premiere” SLA identifies the equivalent SLA/price tier for each corresponding service: Azure’s “Business Direct” and Rackspace’s “Aviator” services most closely, while Amazon offers no comparable option.

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Arcane Strategies is a hosting support, digital consulting, systems administration, and web development agency. With international clientele, our offices in New York City and Savannah, Georgia staff all of our client services. Arcane is also the founder/co-founder of several applications and products. Web applications like DadsTie and Memri are just the tip of the iceberg. We strive to become a leader in innovative startups with an interest in raising the industry bar for client services. Arcane is also growing rapidly.

As seen on TV, Arcane leadership has also been active in the media for the publications and networks seen below. We believe in our brand and trust that you will, too. This is why we offer short-term initiation contracts to new clients. It is also why we offer loyalty program discounts to our long term contracts, to pay it forward! Please feel free to peruse our site’s main menu to learn more about our products and services. We also encourage you to read our blog and news articles for free industry knowledge.

Contact us, to learn more about our services and begin advancing your business, today. It’s never too soon to make the right investment in your business.
Arcane Strategies, where we aim to Elevate and Innovate.