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The Art of Micro-Optimization Strategy

The concept of micro-optimization is not new, especially within the tech community. Software developers have debated the concept of micro-optimizing code for over ten years. The premise is that meticulously refining small bits of code could correct relative performance issues. Although the verdict is still out amongst developers, I am advocating for the practice of […]

Digital Strategy Is Micro-Optimization

Digital marketing strategy is micro-optimization which makes it the nerdy sister of traditional marketing strategy. Where a traditional marketing strategy is a floodlight, digital marketing strategy is 10,000 matches burning at the same time. To understand the digital marketing strategy, you must understand the data that instigated the lighting of each of the 10,000 matches. […]

Digital Strategy From Scratch

Anyone who tells you that there is a one-size-fits-all formula for digital strategy is over-simplifying the planning and process of the e-commerce marketplace. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly cross-over metrics and strategies that can be applied universally to a wide variety of e-commerce business types. Social media is a perfect example of a […]

Creating the Perfect Brand Name

Your brand will be one of your business’s most valuable assets. Your brand will evolve and gain value as your business grows. Think of the brand as the front porch of a business.  If the front porch is beautiful and comfortable, customers will likely want to come up and sit for a while. Hopefully, over time, they will […]

Hybrid Cloud Computing: Which Deployment Model is Best For Your Business?

The term “cloud computing” has grown from something of a niche concept only a few years ago, to an absolute must-have for business. Supreme flexibility, capability, and security have made cloud structures a vital component of any organizational architecture. But, as you know, no two businesses are the same, and so selecting the right cloud […]