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How I Built An Algorithm To Name Our Products

As an artist, branding has always been a welcomed creative respite from the engineered world I live in. It represented a chance to rebel against processes and create something simple and attractive. As a businessman, however, successful branding and marketing has proven to be much more impactful than I could trust simple artistry to accomplish … Continue reading How I Built An Algorithm To Name Our Products

Top Cloud Service Providers

When it comes to finding the right cloud hosting provider, the list of top cloud service providers is ever expanding but all providers are not created equal.  It’s important to consider what your business’s needs are and what you’re capable of supporting on your own, in order to get the most cost effective solution. For example, … Continue reading Top Cloud Service Providers

AWS EC2 Security Groups Tutorial

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Security Groups are AWS’s group-based firewalls for AWS EC2 cloud instances. CEO, Michael Ricotta, offers explanation of this service with instructions on how to complete the process of setting up your instance’s basic security settings. View the video on our website or visit our youtube channel. First, visit and click to sign into the … Continue reading AWS EC2 Security Groups Tutorial

The Truth of How Downtime Affects Your Digital Media Agency

U.S. businesses are breaking records in digital ad spend in 2017, on pace for $77 billion nationwide (according to data). Fortune magazine calculates Amazon’s digital ad spend at 91% of their marketing budget in 2015, following Etsy’s 94% and beating Apple’s 85%.  While this is great news for digital media agencies, avoiding dead ad spend … Continue reading The Truth of How Downtime Affects Your Digital Media Agency

Memri.AI Testers Welcome!

The time has come for MEMRI.AI! As a founding member of, I’m pleased to announce Apple’s approval of public testing on Test Flight, which may be downloaded from the App store.  What is Have you ever had a memory sitting on the tip of your tongue and you just can’t seem to put … Continue reading Memri.AI Testers Welcome!