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4 Cloud Tips: How to Improve Cloud Computing

As its name implies, cloud computing by no means guarantees “blue skies” for your business, so here are some cloud tips to make it so! Just like computing from dedicated servers, The Cloud has its own set of challenges that require all-star levels of web development and IT know-how. And in the absence of expert […]

How to Calculate the Cost of Downtime

How to calculate the cost of a downtime event? As a managed service provider, Arcane Strategies is committed to making sure our customers’ web-based assets are functioning 24/7/365. We are extremely proud of our 100% client retention rate and a 99% uptime rate. Keeping our clients’ websites, databases, and applications up and running is key […]

Comparing Payment Gateway Fees

How to Compare Payment Gateway Fees? While helping many businesses with creating online and in-person payment solutions, we have been asked why we prefer Stripe’s solution over others. While there are many factors to consider when making this decision, Fees are usually one of the first to come to people’s minds. All payment gateway or […]

How Stripe Terminal Saves Businesses Thousands In Fees

How can small businesses save thousands on transaction fees with Stripe Terminal? With reduced fees for in-person transactions, Stripe Terminal’s fee structure can save you thousands on credit card transaction fees each year. When comparing to Stripe’s online payment fees, you can see how making the switch is the right business decision. Small businesses can […]

Managed Cloud Services for $25/Month

Today we are launching a new Managed Cloud Services Plan for only $25/Month. Our new LITE plan starts at only $25 a month per device. You can now get Arcane Strategies Expert Services at a lower monthly cost. Our U.S.-based engineers monitor both your servers and websites to take immediate action in the event of […]