Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin

Download our PCI-Compliant plugin, Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce, to begin processing transactions with the BBPOS Wise POS E, Stripe M2, Verifone P400, and BBPOS Chipper 2x bt

Find out how our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce can help your business today. Now compatible with WCPOS!

Convert your WooCommerce store into a point-of-sale checkout portal with our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin when paired with the Stripe M2, Verifone P400, BBPOS Chipper 2x bt, or BBPOS Wise POS E Stripe terminal, WooCommerce, and WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin.

Not using WooCommerce?  Check out our standalone solution to connect directly to your Stripe account with our Stripe POS standalone platform – you’ll see it listed on our Stripe POS Products page, called Arcane Virtual Terminal POS.

Reduce your Stripe fees!

Your subscription will provide you with this current version of the plugin and support for all minor releases.

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Trying to buy the device?

When you purchase your license, you’ll be given the option to rent from us and we’ll also send you a direct link to buy the device from within your Stripe account

Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Pro Services Features (Not included in the free version)

  • FREE Setup Support
  • In-Person Payments Direct to WooCommerce and Stripe
  • Create, Manage, and Track Segmented Orders on Unlimited Locations with Unlimited Readers
  • Support for Stripe M2, BBPOS Wise POS E, Verifone P400, and BBPOS Chipper 2x bt
  • Support Contactless Payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay
  • Assign Cashier or Shared Accounts to Designated Locations.
  • Support Payments for Digital, Virtual, and Recurring Subscription Products. Simply create your customer’s account from within the CMS (or have them create their own account from the frontend of your website) and find the customer by email during checkout.
  • Perform Customer Data Syncs between WordPress and Stripe (sync your legacy data!)

Pro Tips

  • Location management is a great way to segment order data to each location for improved performance metrics and inventory management. It’s critical to business running multiple locations and a great strategy tool for the traveling small business owner.
  • Reader accessibility management is great for reducing clutter for shops managing multiple readers and is a much better security measure.
  • Requiring Customer Accounts: As with most eCommerce frameworks, WooCommerce allows you to enable or disable guest checkout but as a logged-in Admin, this doesn’t help you much. With services that require customer account information, such as digital downloads and subscriptions, customer account info is necessary but for other products (ie. simple products), an email is not required. What if you insist upon always having a customer account? Simply check the option “Always Require Customer Account on Checkout”.

How to Setup the Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin

Follow our setup guides for a step-by-step explanation of the plugin configuration procedure. Each guide will walk you through downloading, installing, activating, and configuring the Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site. Click the button below corresponding to the desired version of the plugin:


Our free article explains how to install and setup the FREE Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce, while our pro article covers how to install and setup the PRO Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce.

How to Setup a Card Reader

Once you have completed all necessary steps from the plugin setup guide, proceed to the device setup guide to start using your card reader. Click the button below corresponding to the desired device:

BBPOS Wise POS EVERIFONE P400Stripe M2 or BBPOS Chipper

Click to learn how to setup and use the Verifone P400 reader with WooCommerce, how to setup and use the BBPOS Wise POS E reader with WooCommerce, and how to setup and use the Stripe M2 or BBPOS Chipper reader with WooCommerce. All devices are compatible with either version of the plugin.