Arcane Virtual Terminal POS

Use our cloud-based PCI-Compliant Virtual Terminal POS for Stripe Terminal

Connect your Merchant account, eCommerce website, or ERP directly to our cloud-based Virtual Terminal POS for a turnkey and managed POS solution.  No technical knowledge required!  Integrates directly with:

  • Stripe Legacy (Goods & Services with Plans)
  • Stripe (Products with Prices)
  • WooCommerce (Simple, Variable, and Subscription Products)

Interested in a more DIY solution with WooCommerce? Check out our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce solution. Then check out the WooCommerce POS installation video when you’re ready.

Arcane Virtual POS: FREE Trial + No long-term commitments

Your subscription will get you 7 days of free access to our platform. You may cancel or pause at any time from within your subscription account panel.

At $25/mo , you can expect to pay a total 3.2% + $0.15 per reader transaction inclusive of Stripe fees, automatically deducted upon sale.

Check out our demo using our dummy cashier:

ID/PW: / A5c5hY4kPLrdUOsYg8uC

How does that stack up to the competition? (gateway) charges $25/mo + 2.9% + 0.30 without a POS solution.
Comparable POS solutions like Clover, Square, Toast may charge as much as $79/mo additional and fees as high as 3.5% without integrating Virtual Terminals to hardware

Visit our virtual terminal pricing page to calculate how your fees would look compared to Square.

Not Good Enough?  Need More Incentive?

How about these kick@$$ benefits!

  • Hardware Integrated: Arcane’s Virtual Terminal POS stands alone as the only Virtual POS to handle both manual entry and integrated card-reader payments with both desktop and mobile solutions!
  • Customer and Order Data Synching: Perform two-way syncs between your terminal based orders and merchant account (ie. WooCommerce <-> Stripe) to ensure your customer data and order/inventory data is always synced without the need for an expensive ERP.
  • Customer Insights: Using fingerprint technology, your cashiers will be able to identify patrons with upsell opportunities based on past order history just by presenting their credit card.
  • Contactless Payments:  Accept contactless Payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

Trying to buy the device?

When you purchase your license, you’ll be given the option to rent from us and we’ll also send you a direct link to buy the device from within your Stripe account.

How to Setup the Arcane Virtual Terminal POS

Follow our setup guide for a step-by-step explanation of the registration process. Our setup article explains how to register and setup up the Arcane Virtual Terminal POS so you can start processing in-person credit card transactions today. Click the button below to view the setup guide:

Virtual Terminal Setup Guide

How to Setup a Card Reader

Once you have completed all necessary steps from the setup guide, proceed to the device setup guide to start using your card reader.

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