Manufacturing Custom Web Development Case Study

Arcane solves form conversions, server upgrades and more through manufacturing custom web development…

Marantec America is an international leader in garage door equipment with a website built on Typo3.  As a platform with a very small community, Typo3 support is hard to come by, so when Marantec needed to convert its digital banking forms to PDF’s, to meet banking regulations, there were few resources available to fit their needs.  To make matters more difficult, the CMS and supporting server were 8 years outdated, requiring 2 major step-wise upgrades, simply to meet the needs of a modern development environment.

Fortunately, Arcane Strategies was able to help with both matters.  With two step-wise upgrades, a server migration and upgrade, and 20+ plugin upgrades, the site was able to be fully supported on a stable development, staging, and production environment.  From that point on in this manufacturing custom web development project, Arcane was able to leverage Typo3’s niche syntax (phtml and typoscript) to handle PDF outputs for both of Marantec’s banking forms.