Fitness Company Custom Web Development Case Study

Working within a tight timeline (and budget), Arcane delivers fitness company custom web development for Rumble Boxing.

Revolutionary fitness franchise, Rumble Boxing, is an ecommerce development client with Arcane Strategies. The company is the brain child of franchise and fitness leaders, with the hardware to prove it.  Founded in NYC in 2016, Rumble’s initial registration and investment round required a high demand marketing campaign with an extremely aggressive timeline and a shoestring startup budget.  The MVP shopify project met the specs of their styleguide and the demands of an aggressive marketing campaign.

In phase 2 of this fitness company custom web development project, Arcane Strategies completed the frontend bootstrap development and backend ERP integration with industry software provider, ZingFit, on a Laravel framework. In addition to collaborative meetings with the provider, Arcane has maintained daily communications with all parties and has continued fast turnarounds for this startup’s aggressive schedule.

Alongside website development, Arcane regularly developed and supported operations software to support business intelligence analytics, automated administrative workflows, and automated reengagement methods using technologies like PhantomJs and Braze. Most notably Arcane launched the first ever web-based in-person transaction card readers in concert with credit card processing partner,, to bring Rumble’s in-person transactions directly into their backend.

In 2021 Rumble was acquired by XPonential for $300 million