Financial Software Custom Web Services: Winklevoss Technologies

Arcane offers financial software custom web services for a high-profile client…

Finance Forecasting Application

Winklevoss Technologies is a development client for financial software custom web services. The company is a leading software provider for retirement plan financing and forecasting/ Winklevoss came to Arcane to build a mult-language website in 2016 and years later reengaged in the effort to deliver a web-based financial reporting and forecasting application. Based off their flagship forecasting software, ProvalPs, this PowerBi-based application later extended into a full-scale custom build. Arcane’s experience with business intelligence software including PowerBi, Grow, Domo, MixPanel, and Tableau set the groundwork for a lightweight and user-friendly user interface atop a complex data structure.

This appliation allows actuaries to provide pension plan history and forecasting to their customers within a light-weight graphical interface. Their flagship product, ProVal, is the market leader in North America, boasting users in 30 countries from within 250+ client accounts.