Winklevoss Technologies

Timeline Systems Administration & Launch: 1 week

Timeline LMS development: 1 month

Winklevoss Technologies is a systems administration client. The company is a leading software provider for retirement plan financing and forecasting. After contracting a service for their website rebuild on WordPress, several programming flaws remained. Winklevoss came to Arcane to assist in debugging as well as building and maintaining their hosting environment. The project requires stability and security considerations, given their high profile name but while cost-effective for a non-business-critical presence.

In addition to website development, Arcane Strategies also offers Systems Administration for Azure and AWS platforms. The Winklevoss site runs on Ubuntu with the latest stack services, to support WordPress in an optimal environment. Arcane has also assisted in custom configured user group access, monitoring tools, and code recommendations. Their flagship product, ProVal, is the market leader in North America, boasting users in 30 countries from within 250+ client accounts.