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Switch to Payscout Sprint

Switch to Payscout Sprint

Arcane Strategies partnered with Payscout to build the ultimate in payment method libraries.  Say goodbye to processors who don't have phone numbers and don't reply to emails.  Thanks to Payscout you'll enjoy direct dedicated customer service across departments from underwriting through tech and dispute resolution.

Reduce Your Transaction Fees

By using Payscout with Arcane's products, your Arcane transaction fees will be eliminated.  That's right, no more ArcanePOS markups on any Payscout transactions and with Payscout's transparent pricing and reduced interchange markup, your savings potential is boosted even more.

Reduce Your Risk  & Transition Seamlessly

With fully remote embedded forms and transaction processes, your PCI responsibilities are entirely offloaded to Payscout's Paywire Gateway.  The library boasts all of the same features and functionality you've come to expect from industry leaders like Stripe and PayPal and with a codebase so similar that migrating is entirely seamless.  With a dedicated tech staff and fully developed production assets like Payscout's WooCommerce plugin, you'll be able to switch over to Payscout in no-time.