Domain and Brand Generator


Find Your New Brand, Today!

Have you ever come up with the perfect name for your business just to find the domain is already been taken? Consider that problem solved with arcane’s proprietary domain generator.

With the help of the good old dictionary, Arcane’s search algorithm will analyze any given set of brand names to determine the best possible match for your business and provide you with a filtered set of available domain names within your budget!

Our machine learning algorithm builds a weighted profile of 500+ data points against brands of your choosing and searches across the entire English language and an ever-growing list of made-up words to create brand names most closely matching the profile you’ve created.

Give it a shot!  Simply enter brand names you’d like to align with and a price you’re willing to pay for the domain.  For more accurate results, try breaking up brands into dictionary-friendly works (ie. “face”,”book” instead of “facebook”, “spot”, “ify” instead of “spotify”).