ERP and More: Internal Systems Integrations

ERP, CRM, EDC, ERM, LDAP, API: 3rd Party Integrations!

Working with all kinds of ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, the engineers at Arcane Strategies have been handling web solutions with internal systems integration, for more than a decade.  Whether integrating single sign-on with Active Directory or managing two-way syncing database connections for ERP, CRM, EDC, or otherwise, we’ve done it! Arcane Strategies has the experience that your team needs, to complete a successful integration. Custom MSSQL, MySQL, or AS400? No problem. ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems like Blue Cherry, SAP, or otherwise, consider it done!

Our staff has years of experience in Linux and Windows systems administration, for various server protocols, as well as 20+ languages and database servers supported by those platforms.

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Interested to see if Arcane is experienced in the technologies you’re looking for?  Our Integrations team will speak with you to analyze your situation and recommend solutions to handle them.  Our engineers will write your project’s specifications and planning documentation. We’ll offer project consultation services through the build or even staff the project, through to completion.