Arcane Partner Network Benefits

Arcane Partner Network benefits come with advantages for our business partners, so welcome to our Partner Network! We’re thrilled to be part of your business and can’t wait to see what opportunities our network has to offer you.

By now, you should have spoken to a representative at Arcane to get a screening of your services, receive access to this page, and hear other information about your Arcane Partner Network benefits.

If you have not spoken with a representative and have reached this page by error or just pure luck, please call us, today, so we can get your Arcane Partner Network benefits activated. Your representative will be looking to identify these key items

Complete Your Initiation Screening
  • Size of business and average client contract value.
  • Location and contact information.
  • Published hourly rate.
  • Available services and history of activity for each.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Key player background.
  • Primary point of contact.

With Arcane Partner Network benefits, you are now eligible for several baseline benefits such as service referrals and discounted cloud support rates.

You are also eligible to earn points toward greater benefits such as referral prioritization, additional discounts, licensing, SLA Upgrades, and more!

How The Points Work

Partners may earn points by either engaging in support or licensing services directly with Arcane Strategies, as a sub-contracted service, or by referring their clients to directly engage with Arcane Strategies1. Partners may also receive points for marketing. Earn points based on the following metrics

1. Direct engagement with Arcane must occur as a result of voice or digital introduction between Arcane Strategies, the partner, and an existing client, in order to prevent spamming.
Activity: Signing Bonus! # Cloud Servers1 #Licenses2 Marketing Engagements3 LinkedIn Followers4
Points5 100 pts for month 16 100 pts / ea7 7 pts / ea 1 pt / ea 2 pts / ea
1. The number of cloud support servers that you either (a) subcontract with Arcane Strategies or (b) contract your client directly, with Arcane Strategies. Number of servers is independent of SLA; one server on Standard SLA is valued the same as one server on a Premium SLA. Servers are based on length of contract.
2. The number of licenses that you either (a) subcontract with Arcane Strategies or (b) contract your client directly, with Arcane Strategies. Power user and sub-account licenses are counted equally as 1 user (7pts).
3. Marketing engagements include Facebook, Twitter, and Medium followers. Our social marketing team will determine valid follower referrals based on activity from your primary contact, corroborated with daily follower metrics offered by each platform. Follower points are only valid for a 3 month period.
4. See item 2, above, for follower qualifications.
5. Points are made available immediately upon earning and are renewed monthly. Only partner network members may receive points toward discounts.
6. Once you sign up, we give you 100 points, as a means of keeping you competitive with other partners. At the end of month 1, your 100 point bonus will expire.
7. Points are based on initial contract value and renew monthly, upon payment processing. Once a server’s contract expires, the points are removed until the contract renews and payment is processed. A single 6 month server, for instance, earns 100pts in month 1 and renews 100pts monthly until expiration. Points are not aggregated for the entire contract value up front. Support sales are credited by sales performed by the partner, per contract. If an existing customer (previously referred) adds more servers, at a later date, through direct engagement with Arcane, no points will awarded for that action.

Your points are aggregated by our Partner Network director and you will be notified of your point total, monthly. Your point total is then compared against other network partners in order to create a partner ranking, in order of highest to lowest number of points. If you have questions about your points, you may speak to the APN director by contacting us by phone.

Partners who refer other members to our partner network will be credited with the point total of the new partner’s initial contract value for a maximum of 6 months. Partners may not split or share referral points, and may not receive points for sales performed by other partners nor sales made with customers of a competing member or Arcane’s own customer network.

With Arcane Partner Network Benefits, Use Points Toward These Perks

Your points are not redeemed/spent like they are on a credit card. Instead, they’re used to upgrade your account and will remain on your account, until expiration. As your account is upgraded, you are immediately eligible for all benefits for all future contracts and services, without any action necessary on your behalf.

Cloud Support Discount1 Licensing Discount # Free SLA Upgrade Referral Prioritization
0-249 pts $02 $5 discount for 1 month N/A See “Service Referrals”, below
250-499 pts $0 $50/mo off for 2 months N/A See “Service Referrals”, below
500-999 pts $5 / server $50/mo off for full term N/A See “Service Referrals”, below
1000-1499 pts $10 / server $100/mo off for full term N/A See “Service Referrals”, below
1500-1999 pts $15 / server $150/mo off for full term 1 FREE UPGRADE See “Service Referrals”, below
2000+ pts $20 / server $200/mo off for full term 1 FREE UPGRADE See “Service Referrals”, below
1. The word “discount” identifies the value of discount applied. For instance, if “$5” indicated on a $300 item, the cost would be $295.
2. Arcane’s pricing begins at a discounted rate of $300/mo for Standard SLA. That’s $50/mo below Azure and $150/mo below Rackspace.

Service Referrals

As a digital media firm, you are eligible to receive referral leads for direct contract or subcontracted services marketed by our client services division, as determined by our clients. As a cloud support company, Arcane has several clients engaged in web and mobile presences which require design, architecture, development, and all phases of marketing. This is where you come into play!

When Arcane’s clients request client services, we will contact network partners (you) who offer the requested services, based on our understanding from your screening call. As existing clients, these leads are pre-qualified, woohoo!

Leads are offered to partners based on their partner ranking and there are no guaranteed minimums nor maximum contract values on the first closed lead of each month. In order to distribute opportunities fairly, additional leads are restricted to a total contract value of 3x the average monthly points for the quarter, based on closed sub-contracts and introduced referrals.

To learn more about Arcane’s clients, take a look at our case studies page.

For more information about the Arcane Partner Network terms and conditions, visit our Terms and Conditions page at Please note that direct contracts and sub-contract engagements are treated equally as a single referral and are determined solely by client preference. As Arcane Strategies remains involved in contracts where you are a sub-contractor to an Arcane customer, your agreement and payment terms will be handled on a per-contract basis between you and Arcane Strategies. In these events, Arcane Strategies reserves the right to add an up-charge on your services, to our clients, for administrative overhead.

Liability Disclaimer: Arcane Strategies believes strongly that the quality of our partner brands as well as our own are mutually accountable to one another. As such, Arcane takes responsibility to take whatever actions are considered necessary, to ensure the quality and health of our clients brands, our partners, and our company. Arcane Strategies reserves the right to suspend partner accounts that it considers in violation of best practices and the Arcane Partner Network agreement. Suspension will result in revocation of any current and future benefits, at the date of revocation. Corresponding clients and pending client referrals will be redistributed down the pipeline, accordingly.