Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Your solution for Azure Cloud Support through Arcane’s expert Azure Managed Services

With our Azure Managed Services, Arcane monitors both your servers and websites to take immediate action in the event of downtime. With access to ticketing and a dedicated phone line, you can ensure that Arcane takes hands-on action, 24/7, with U.S.-based engineers to keep your business moving.

Trust a partner who understands the costs of downtime. Cheap support can cost you more than lost sales.  Get serious with a professional managed services plan with Arcane’s Azure Managed Services

Supporting cloud servers can seem like a complex process but with Arcane’s Managed Services offering, our dedicated US-based engineers are equipped with expert knowledge of Azure ecommerce solutions as well as documented understanding of your specially architected environment.

With 24/7 monitoring, ticketing, email support, and access to our proprietary, industry best DevOps platform, our solution is unparalleled when it comes to providing cloud support.

We believe in quality and attentive service from engineers you can trust to understand your system and handle your account with care. Our “Standard” SLA beats our competition in cost and response time for small and mid-sized businesses1.

1 “For business critical applications, consider upgrading to the Premier support package for greater response times and operator availability.

Compare our Standard SLA services and rates against our competitors

Standard Service Level Microsoft Azure
arcane strategies managed cloud
arcane strategies managed cloud
Supported Providers Azure Only All Providers!
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