BBPOS Wise POS E Setup

BBPOS Wise POS E Setup

by Mike Ricotta - August 13, 2021

Now that you’ve purchased your BBPOS Wise POS E reader from, it’s time to setup and start using your device with WooCommerce. In this guide, we’ll walk you through connecting your reader to Wi-Fi, registering your reader, and completing a transaction.

You should have already installed the WooCommerce and WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugins on your WordPress site, as well as the Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce plugin. If you haven’t installed and activated the Terminal plugin, please select the appropriate button below to see the installation and configuration guide for the applicable version. Our free article explains how to install and setup the FREE Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce, while our pro article covers how to install and setup the PRO Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce. You won’t be able to setup or operate your reader until you have completed all necessary steps from the plugin setup guide.


Setting up your BBPOS Wise POS E reader

Connecting to Wi-Fi

  1. Once out of the box, remove the plastic cover from the back of your reader to insert the battery, then replace the cover
  2. Press the power button on the right side of the reader, to power it on. If your screen has a plastic covering containing a QR code, scan this to view the button diagram, if you can’t find the button on your own; the plastic can be removed and discarded.
  3. Once booted, swipe from the left side of the screen to load the settings panel. Click “settings” and when prompted, type 07139 as the admin pin, to access the settings panel
  4. Once in the settings panel, click “Wi-Fi Settings” to view and connect to a netowrk
  5. Select the desired network and connect.
  6. After connecting, go back to the previous screen via the “<” button and click “Generate pairing code” to get your reader registration code
  7. You will be presented with a hyphenated sentence. This is your registration code. You will need this code to register your device in the backend.

Registering your device

  1. On the plugins section of your WordPress site, find the ‘Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce’ plugin, and click the ‘Settings’ button. This will take you to the ‘Payments’ tab of the WooCommerce ‘Settings’ section. On this menu, you’ll be able to enable, rename, and manage your readers.
  2. Under ‘Readers,’ click the ‘Add Reader’ button.
  3. Enter the three word, hyphenated registration code exactly as it appears on your reader.
  4. Now, you’ll be prompted to give your reader a name. If you plan to operate more than one reader at once, you should make this name recognizable to avoid confusing the readers while checking out multiple customers.

Now that your device is registered, you are ready to start performing credit card transactions using the BBPOS Wise POS E reader.

Operating your BBPOS Wise POS E reader

Completing a transaction

  1. First, click ‘add to cart’ on the selected item.
  2. Once all items have been added, click ‘View Cart,’ and then ‘Proceed to Checkout.’
  3. If you are using the Free version of the Terminal plugin, the information now visible under ‘Billing Details’ will describe the cashier. WooCommerce will use this data to note which user performed the transaction. In the Pro version, you can choose to associate the purchase with a customer account, instead storing cashier info as metadata.
  4. Next, scroll down and select ‘Stripe Terminal’ as the payment method.
  5. Select the name of the reader you are using for this transaction. This will put the terminal in waiting mode, as the reader activates and prompts the customer to initiate payment. The BBPOS Wise POS E accepts payment in the form of dipping, swiping, contactless RFID, samsung pay, google pay, and apple pay.

If the card is declined, the transaction is cancelled by the cashier by pressing ‘esc’, or there is no activity for 30 seconds, the reader will deactivate, the order will cancel, and the terminal will exit waiting mode. Once the payment has gone through, the transaction will be complete.

NOTE: In rare occasions it may occur that your reader does not respond to the click request even in a perfect setup and this is likely the result of your router security, not our software nor the reader.  To identify this, reload the web page and right-click and then click inspect.  In the inspector, click on the “console” tab: this will display any errors your site is generating in Javascript (leave this open).  Now on the web page, click the terminal button again.  You will likely see a red error message which begins with a private IP similar to this ““.  This means that your router is not making the connection between your device and your computer.  To resolve this you must:

(a) First try changing your network’s IPV4 DNS to cloudflare or windows then re-test.  Here’s a quick guide on how to do this:  Again, this is specific to your network, it’s not related to us, so if you need assistance with this, please consult a qualified local individual.

(b) Secondly try changing to a different network.  We’ve seen situations where some routers disallow access regardless of your network DNS, so you have to explicitly whitelist the private IP on the router.  Again, this is specific to your network and extremely rare, so if you need assistance with this, please consult a qualified local individual.  Our engineers will not make changes to your home or business routers.

The BBPOS Wise POS E setup procedure is now complete. You are now ready to start using your reader to perform in-person credit card transactions for your business, directly from your WordPress site.