Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Support

Hire Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Support

Looking for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud support?  We’ll monitor your website or system and immediately take action to restore downtime. While other services assist you using inefficient ticketing processes, Arcane provides 24/7  monitoring and support coverage. The moment we detect an issue, we take action as part of your team.

Supporting cloud servers can be a complex and nerve-racking experience without great support. Arcane’s Systems Administration service offers dedicated human interaction, here in the U.S., with an understanding of your environment, to build an ongoing and supportive relationship.

Trust a partner with a marketing background, cheap support can cost you more than missed sales. Dead-end ad spend results in higher CPA’s and brand damage, it’s time to get serious and lock it up with Arcane’s Cloud Support

With 24/7 monitoring, ticketing, email support, and access to our proprietary, industry best DevOps platform, Arcane’s Support for cloud instances, is finally the answer to your support needs. Don’t spend another night worrying about the status of your websites, get AWS Cloud Support today.

Compare our Standard SLA services and rates against our competitors

Standard2 Service Level AWS Support
Price $100+/mo (lowest tier excludes hands-on) $285/mo
24×7 Coverage
< 4 Hour Standard Response Time (12 – 24 hours)
< 4 Hour Urgent Response Time
Dedicated US Engineers3
Supported Providers AWS Only AWS, Azure, Rackspace,
Homebrew, etc.
Proactive Website Monitoring and Restoration?
Free DevOps Licensing and Integration?

Pricing is based on a model of single production server on a single account, which is the minimum contract value for all 4 services. Rates may vary per provider, based on the number and size of servers.

Learn more about our Premium SLA and compare rates, below

Premium3 Service Level AWS
Price AWS Does not offer an escalated SLA
below its $15,000 Enterprise SLA

1 “Standard” SLA identifies the equivalent SLA/price tier for each corresponding service: Amazon’s “Business, Microsoft’s “Standard”, Rackspace’s “Navigator” (and “Managed Operations” for Rackspace solutions), and Arcane’s “Standard”.

2 All services offer dedicated Account Managers.

3 “Premium” SLA identifies the equivalent SLA/price tier for each corresponding service: Azure’s “Business Direct” and Rackspace’s “Aviator” services most closely, while Amazon offers no comparable option.