Cloud Support

Don’t just pay for support, HIRE IT!

Need support?  Arcane monitors both your servers and websites to take immediate action in the event of downtime.  With access to ticketing and a dedicated phone line, you can ensure that Arcane takes hands-on action, 24/7, with U.S.-based engineers to keep your business moving.

Trust a partner who understands the impact of downtime.  Cheap support can cost you in sales, dead-end ad spend, higher CPA’s and brand damage.  Get serious and lock it up with Arcane’s Cloud Support

Hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Compute, or Rackspace? Arcane’s engineers are qualified in all these platforms, in fact, we’re long-time customers!

Hosting elsewhere?  Not a problem! Whether Digital Ocean, Linode, Joyent, or any VPS provider for that matter, Arcane is platform agnostic, we’ve got you covered.

We believe in quality and attentive service from engineers you can trust to understand your system and handle your account with care. Our “Standard” SLA beats our competition in cost and response time for small and mid-sized businesses1.

1 “For business critical applications, consider upgrading to the Premier support package for greater response times and operator availability.

Compare our Standard SLA services and rates against our competitors

Standard2 Service Level AWS Support Microsoft Azure
Rackspace Cloud
Price $100+/mo $300/mo $500+/mo $285/mo
24×7 Coverage        
< 4 Hour Standard Response Time (12 – 24 hours)   (24 hours)  
< 4 Hour Urgent Response Time        
Dedicated US Engineers3        
Supported Providers AWS Only Azure Only AWS, Azure, Rackspace AWS, Azure, Rackspace,
Homebrew, etc.
Proactive Website Monitoring and Restoration?   Monitoring Add-On.
Reactive Restore.
Monitoring Add-On.
Reactive Restore.
Free DevOps Licensing and Integration?        

Pricing is based on a model of single production server on a single account, which is the minimum contract value for all 4 services. Rates may vary per provider, based on the number and size of servers.

Learn more about our Premium SLA and compare rates, below

Premium3 Service Level AWS Azure Rackspace
Price AWS Does not offer an escalated SLA
below its $15,000 Enterprise SLA
$1,000/mo $2,500/mo $950/mo

1 “Standard” SLA identifies the equivalent SLA/price tier for each corresponding service: Amazon’s “Business, Microsoft’s “Standard”, Rackspace’s “Navigator” (and “Managed Operations” for Rackspace solutions), and Arcane’s “Standard”.

2 All services offer dedicated Account Managers.

3 “Premium” SLA identifies the equivalent SLA/price tier for each corresponding service: Azure’s “Business Direct” and Rackspace’s “Aviator” services most closely, while Amazon offers no comparable option.

Systems Administration (SysOps) SLA’s

Arcane’s team of experienced LAMP/LEMP engineers are available on a 24/7 SLA to ensure up-time with monitoring and alerts systems that notify our down-time response support team, to take immediate action. Additionally, our premium SLA subscribers have access to our 24/7 SLA team by phone, email, and support system.

Arcane’s SysOps and DevOps Support and Hosting Division operates under a flat-rate recurring monthly service. Our SysOps service offers unlimited support requests for Systems Administration needs on compatible platforms. We offer several support level tiers, based on your response time and availability needs


Downtime proactive response is handled as priority/emergency, based on homepage 40X & 50X errors, and server outage. This is included in all services, regardless of SLA.

DevOps and Hosting


Our DevOps SLA includes access to our proprietary DevOps platform, compatible with the AWS and Azure API’s. This linux-supportive platform will identify performance, optimization, security, and longevity flaws in your frontend and backend codebase, database, and server stack.

DevOps licensing is provided free of charge to our hosting clients and is made available to our Partner Network, as well. Integration capabilities and feature set include:

  • JIRA
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • BitBucket
  • GitHub
  • Audits
  • Audit frontend and backend code for performance, stability, security, future-proofing, and search engine optimization flaws
  • Audit your server for outdated services and components
  • Monitor your site and server up-time


Our hosting services offer tiered pricing for any of our 3 vendors (Amazon, Rackspace, and Azure) on a flat rate. Our 24/7 uptime guarantee may entitle you a proportionate discount for each minute of downtime.

Pricing and Registration

Arcane’s Systems Administration (SysOps) packages are offered at a flat rate, unlimited support starting at $285/mo:

  • Standard SLA: $285/mo*
  • Premium SLA: $950/mo.
  • Pay As You Go: $200/hr

*Short term contracts start at $300.


Our minimum service level with a 24/7 support and 2-4 hour standard business hour response time. Dedicated Account Managers are made available through extended business hours, and off-hours staff are on the clock with availability to be reached by chat, email, and ticketing.


Urgent response service with 2-4 hour standard response time through 24/7 coverage and an emergency response time of 1-2 hours.

Compared to Azure’s “Professional Direct” service at $1,000/mo and Rackspace’s “Aviator” service, starting at $2,500, Arcane offers lower costs and faster response times.

Pay As You Go

With a 9/5 SLA and 8 hour response time, our pay as you go plan is most effective for organizations with an existing support staff, looking for backup.

Our SLA and Pricing White Paper contains all of the details of our supported platforms, stacks, services, and detailed pricing and contract information.