Stripe M2 and BBPOS Chipper Setup for Virtual Terminal

Stripe M2 and BBPOS Chipper Setup for Virtual Terminal

by Abigail Leaman - June 18, 2021

With the Arcane Virtual Terminal POS, you can use a Stripe M2 or BBPOS Chipper reader to perform in-person credit card transactions directly through your Stripe account. In this Setup guide, we’ll walk you through connecting your Stripe account to the Arcane Virtual Terminal POS mobile application, connecting your Stripe M2 or BBPOS Chipper reader to the mobile app, and performing a transaction.

You should have already set up your Arcane Virtual Terminal by purchasing a license and registering your subdomain. If you haven’t yet, go back and complete all of the steps in our Arcane Virtual Terminal setup guide. You won’t be able to set up or operate your reader until you have done so.

Virtual Terminal Setup Guide

Connecting your WordPress site to the Arcane Virtual Terminal POS mobile application

Since the Stripe M2 and BBPOS Chipper devices are not web-based (Bluetooth connected via the iOS/Android mobile SDKs for native applications), our mobile application is required to operate the device with the Virtual Terminal. Before you can perform a transaction, you will need to connect your Stripe account to the Arcane POS mobile application. You will only need to do this setup once.

  1. Download and open the Arcane POS mobile application or by searching “Arcane POS” on the iOS App store or Android Google Play store.
  2. In the app settings, enter a) your ArcanePOS domain alias (i.e., and b) the e-mail address and password used to purchase your Arcane Virtual Terminal license subscription.
  3. Click ‘Save Settings.’ This will redirect you to the shop page, where all of your products are listed. If they do not load instantly, just close the app and reopen it so the cache is able to rebuild.

Completing a transaction with the Stripe M2 or BBPOS Chipper reader in the Arcane Virtual Terminal

  1. To add an item to your cart, click ‘Add to Cart’ on the item, or ‘Select Variant’ for variable products. In the modal, you can then click the variant to select it and subsequently click ‘Add to Cart’ to continue.
  2. Once you are satisfied with your cart, click the cart icon. Then, click ‘Check Out.’
  3. At checkout, you will have two button options for the three possible payment modes:
    1. ‘Pay Cash’ allows you to automatically mark an order as paid.
    2. ‘Process Card’ loads options for ‘Manual Entry’ via pin-pad, or ‘Card Present’ payment via the M2 or chipper reader. Select ‘Process Card’ and then ‘Card Present’ to use the device.
  4. Power on M2 or Chipper reader by pressing and releasing the power button. If the device times out after 5 minutes, you can press the power button once to wake it up.
  5. Turn the reader over and take note of its serial number in the bottom left corner.
  6. On your mobile device, enable Bluetooth settings.
  7. Once it appears, click on the serial number to complete the connection. This may take a few minutes. Upon successful connection, you will see a message indicating that the ‘Reader is Connected.’
    1. *Note: Steps 4-8 will have to be completed any time the Bluetooth connection between the reader and your mobile device is disrupted. When performing multiple transactions in one session without disabling Bluetooth or turning off your device, these steps will only be required once.
  8. Now, you can click ‘Make Payment,’ follow the prompts on your mobile device, and complete the transaction.

The Stripe M2 or BBPOS Chipper reader Virtual Terminal setup procedure is now complete. You are now ready to start using your reader to perform in-person credit card transactions for your business through the Arcane Virtual Terminal POS.