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Cloud Hosting and Service Pricing

In addition to inexpensive cloud hosting, Arcane Strategies aims to provide a flexible and transparent contract experience that’s both easy to understand and foreseeable for future planning.  Our service level pricing documentation offers a concrete and illustrated understanding of our availability, services, and costs. In addition to offering project basis contracts, our retainer model offers 3 different service levels. Each service level covers 6 different at-will services, with a tiered pricing plan. You can also earn discounts for your continued business.  Enjoy the freedom to change your services as you see fit and receive lower hourly expenses for larger and longer contracts.

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Client Services, Service Level Pricing

Inexpensive Hosting

Cloud Hosting and Support Pricing

Our 3 tiers of SysOps and Hosting services, each offers 2 service level options, with unlimited, flat rate support.

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Downtime proactive response is handled as priority/emergency, based on homepage 40X & 50X errors, and server outage. This is included in all services, regardless of SLA.

Inexpensive Hosting - Support SLA Tiers