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Arcane’s Services, Clients, Pricing, and SLA

Arcane Strategies offers a variety of technical solutions for your systems and web presence. Clients actively engaged in a retainer with the Arcane Strategies Client Services Division may freely reallocate their hours as needed. Your agreement will define these services such as web development, digital consulting, digital strategy, marketing, and more. Please feel free to peruse the available whitepapers for each of our services. You may also speak with a representative for a more in depth dive into each of these services, or learn more about those not listed.

To learn more about our SLA and pricing, select the Service Level Pricing link or review case studies of our existing clients. You may also learn about our state-of-the-art DevOps platform and systems administration (SysOps) support services. These links are made available to you on the left side of this page.

Operations Consulting Services

Improving Process through Lean Thinking Human and Technical Analysis: Operations Consulting Services

With over a decade of experience in building teams at various agencies, Arcane Strategies knows exactly how target efficiency and speed to market. Our operations consulting team will help you create systems, both automated and human, which reduce overhead. CEO, Michael Ricotta has worked with production teams both in-house and abroad, over 9 different countries, bringing them through acquisition from giants such as The Blackstone Group. Understanding operations is at the core of software development and systems administration. As a business, we use the same principles to manage our own resources and assets. Our Operations Consulting team is no different. Whether you consider logistics to be your biggest problem or your greatest asset, Arcane Strategies can take you to the next level. We'll address your human processes, production automation, and enterprise systems. Well also asses these as broadly as your organizational structure and as granular as database normalization and server configurations. Give us a call for a consultation, today. We promise you that the juice is worth the squeeze!
The following are samples of planning documentation, made available under MIT licensing.

Software & Website Development

New Website Development

Whether web, mobile, or native applications, Arcane Strategies has experience in software and website development of a variety of languages and frameworks. Our engineers will recommend solutions for your business's needs both operationally and economically. With hundreds of projects to our names, Arcane's website development team has a diverse understanding of custom applications. We've completed ERM, CRM, EDC, ERP, and other 3rd party database integrations by the dozens! A thorough planning cycle will ensure systems compatibility and outline a clear plan of action for deliverables and timeline.

Existing Website Development Support

Looking to support an existing site? Arcane Strategies supports more than 90% of the open source CMS's market share and would love to offer you a free performance, optimization, and security audit. The audit is yours to keep for recommendations with any other vendor, at no cost! Our engineers also specialize in support of Azure, AWS, and Rackspace management of LAMP, LEMP, WIMP, and WAMP environments, as well. Although our SysOps and DevOps premium SLA's are not included in our standard development service, we're happy to help you out, in a bind.

Custom Workflows and Arcane's Support Tools

Want to take an agile approach? We can do that too, we'll tailor a support agreement that fits your needs. Our DevOps maintenance offerings include proprietary auditing and quality assurance tools. These will keep you continuously up to date and ensure the life of your product with improved performance and stability. Curious if we can support you? Contact us today and our staff will walk you through.
The following are samples of planning documentation, made available under MIT licensing.

Cloud Hosting Support

Need Managed Cloud Services? As developers, Arcane's engineers have managed our own servers for decades. We've been both customers and competition for Microsoft, Rackspace, Amazon, Godaddy, and more. Our cloud hosting support services extend Arcane's engineers into hands-on support on your own servers, to provide 24/7 coverage, with aggressive response times and at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Whether Azure, AWS, Rackspace, Godaddy, or even your own homebrew, Arcane will manage and monitor your servers to keep you up and running. If you're interested in our cloud support options, click on the button, below. Feel free to peruse our WhitePapers, as well, to learn more about our pricing tiers and download technical instruction. Click here to learn more about our Cloud Hosting Support options
The following are samples of planning documentation, made available under MIT licensing.

Internal Systems Integration

ERP, CRM, EDC, ERM, LDAP, API: 3rd Party Integrations!

The engineers at Arcane Strategies have been handling web solutions with internal systems integration, for more than a decade.  Whether integrating single sign-on with Active Directory or managing two-way syncing database connections for ERP, CRM, EDC, or otherwise, we've done it! Arcane Strategies has the experience that your team needs, to complete a successful integration. Custom MSSQL, MySQL, or AS400? No problem. ERP systems like Blue Cherry, SAP, or otherwise, consider it done!

Our staff has years of experience in Linux and Windows systems administration, for various server protocols, as well as 20+ languages and database servers supported by those platforms.

Give us a call!

Interested to see if Arcane is experienced in the technologies you're looking for?  Our Integrations team will speak with you to analyze your situation and recommend solutions to handle them.  Our engineers will write your project's specifications and planning documentation. We'll offer project consultation services through the build or even staff the project, through to completion.

The following are samples of planning documentation, made available under MIT licensing.