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Arcane Strategies Blog

Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin

Arcane Strategies has created a Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin. This plugin is a gateway option for a WooCommerce store that allows in-store payments using a Stripe Terminal Verifone P400. This takes advantage of the Stripe API and WooCommerce plugins to provide the functionality necessary for communicating with the terminal reader and the WooCommerce store. […]

Project Life Cycles Podcast

In our most recent podcast we talk about Project Life Cycles; how they have changed, how they might change, and how to effectively stay on task. This conversation started to get long and talk about something a little different so we broke it into two podcasts. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our […]

The Importance of Top-Level Domains

The Evolving Utility of Top-Level Domains The importance of top-level domains shouldn’t be understated. Over the last 10 years, the options for a TLD have greatly expanded. The traditional TLDs still hold a ton of value when registering a new domain. It isn’t a very long list, especially for the options available to the public. […]

Version Control Podcast

Git It, Got Git, Good! Listen in as we talk about everyone’s favorite Version Control. There are many platforms, syntax, and methodologies. In this podcast we talk about, you guessed it, Git.  Here is a small excerpt: “You could technically use a version control software to manage any sort of changing asset that is, can […]

Managing Projects Across Platforms – Duplicate Platforms

In our most recent blog post, Managing Servers Across Platforms – Platform Saturation, we discussed the problems that arise from managing a project on multiple platforms (products). These platforms could include; Azure, GitHub, Jira, OS Ticket, and more. While these platforms are meant to increase productivity and help teammates work together and efficiently they sometimes […]