How to Calculate the Cost of Downtime

How to calculate the cost of a downtime event? As a managed service provider, Arcane Strategies is committed to making sure our customers’ web-based assets are functioning 24/7/365. We are extremely proud of our 100% client retention rate and a 99% uptime rate. Keeping our clients’ websites, databases, and applications up and running is key […]

Managed Cloud Services for $25/Month

Today we are launching a new Managed Cloud Services Plan for only $25/Month. Our new LITE plan starts at only $25 a month per device. You can now get Arcane Strategies Expert Services at a lower monthly cost. Our U.S.-based engineers monitor both your servers and websites to take immediate action in the event of […]

1 Free Month of Managed Could Services

These are the last few days we are giving away a Free Month of Managed Cloud Services to new clients that sign up for any sized Managed Services contract. You can sign up right now on our Managed Services page on the Arcane Store. Use code “BePrepared” at checkout and we will wave the first […]

Ways To Reduce Your AWS Costs

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re pretty happy with your current setup but you wish you could find ways to reduce your AWS hosting costs.  We’ll assume that you’re not all that interested in migrating to a different hosting provider.  Frankly, you’ll probably spend more short-run money migrating and resolving any post-migration […]

9 Questions To Determine If Your Business Needs The Cloud

We asked Arcane Strategies’s engineers to come up with a 9 Question questionnaire to help business owners determine if the cloud is right for their business. These questions and answers will help participants learn about the capabilities and downsides of both Managed Cloud Support Providers and Dedicated Servers. Click Here For Questionaire This questionnaire goes […]

What is Managed Services?

There are a lot of terms and phrases to learn in the IT field: Hosting Provider, Integrated Solutions, DevOps, CI/CD, Managed Services, and many others. While we could write a post on each of these (maybe we will…), Managed Services is something we are getting a lot of questions about and something we have been […]