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GPU Cloud Mining Market: ETH, 2017… Looking Grim

Please note: This is an article about Ethereum mining, so these GPU cloud mining prices are strictly for Ethereum… In the hopes of beating Ethereum’s Metropolis deadline on predictable mining pools, I decided to consider what short term GPU cloud mining opportunities are available to contribute to my existing workers at Arcane Strategies, before changing […]

Our Brand Name Generator Tool: The Story

How I Built A Brand Name Generator Algorithm To Name Our Products As an artist, branding has always been a welcomed creative respite from the engineered world I live in (a brand name generator algorithm wouldn’t seem natural at first thought). Creative thinking about branding represented a chance to rebel against processes and create something […]

AWS EC2 Security Group Tutorial

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Given its importance, we’re offering an AWS EC2 Security Group tutorial to help you better understand the service. Security Groups are AWS’s group-based firewalls for AWS EC2 cloud instances. These basic port management rules are managed within your console and can be set up to be reused on unlimited instances. Whiles these are an effective […]

Curious About Augmented Intelligence Memory Recall? Memri.AI Testers Welcome!

Do you want to explore augmented intelligence memory recall? You can test Memri.AI… While augmented intelligence memory recall may once have been a thing of the future, it’s now becoming a reality. The time has come for MEMRI.AI! As a founding member of, I’m pleased to announce Apple’s approval of public testing on Test […]

Incognito Mode: Understanding the Chrome Incognito Browser

A history on the Do’s and Dont’s of the Chrome Incognito Mode browser The web’s PEBCAC silver tuna has been around since the dawn of the industry and “it lies between the pit of [customers]’s fears and the summit of his knowledge” – Incognito Mode and cache clearing illustrate this well.  While advancements in ISP […]