Stripe Card Readers: What Are My Options?

Trying to figure out which Stripe Card Readers work best with Arcane’s Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin? We’ve got you covered. Some card readers may not be compatible with your setup. Or perhaps you just want to know what alternatives there are for working with Stripe. We’ll go through each of the available options on […]

3 Easy Steps to Connect Your WooCommerce Store and Your Stripe Account

Our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin has been getting a lot of attention and questions from users. Most of the questions have dealt with availability and installation. To help with both of these, we thought it would be helpful to put together an installation guide and talk about its availability in a blog post. How […]

Convert Your WooCommerce Store into an In-Person Point-of-Sale for under $300!

Looking for a Stripe Terminal Plugin that works with WooCommerce and also supports (or currently supports) in-person sales? Maintaining a separate point-of-sale system from your WooCommerce store can be time-consuming. Syncing order and inventory data between databases can cost you time and money. In October 2019 we launched our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin. For […]

Why Stripe is Worth the Hype

Is Stripe Worth The Hype? With over 35,000 businesses using it to process online payments they must be doing right. We have been on the Stripe Hype train for quite a while now. I’ve have been blogging about it for a few months now as well. That is why we decided to talk about why […]

Do Developers Like Stripe?

Do developers like working with Stripe? Since our developers have been working with Stripe for the past few months we decided to ask them if they have been enjoying it. Creating an in-store checkout option for our clients as well as developing a Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin has given them plenty of experience with […]

Introducing Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin

Arcane Strategies has created a Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin. This plugin is a gateway option for a WooCommerce store that allows in-store payments using a Stripe Terminal Verifone P400. This takes advantage of the Stripe API and WooCommerce plugins to provide the functionality necessary for communicating with the terminal reader and the WooCommerce store. […]

Generating a Quality Brand and Matching Domain

Sometimes the seemingly simple business decisions end up being the most complex and time-consuming. For example, selecting the name of your company or your brand seems like a simple and straight-forward task. However, once you actually begin the process of generating a brand and the subsequent process of logo creation, the gravity of the naming […]

What is Stripe Terminal?

A New Way To Accept Credit Cards. We recently received a new Stripe Terminal Dev Kit and we are enjoying our new toy! Our developers have been relieved at how quick and easy it has been to include Stripe’s card readers in our current environment.  For those that are new to Stripe, here are some of the […]