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Blog Archives: 2019

Micro-optimization and Conversion Rate

In my earlier post, Digital Strategy Is Micro-optimization I discussed the three primary macro-data points that determine the success of an e-commerce website, traffic, conversion rate, and average order value (AOV). In a later installation of this series, The Micro-optimization of Website Traffic,  I detailed the components and the optimization strategy for the macro-data point traffic. In this post, I will dig into […]

Is Data Privacy Affecting Your Cloud Support?

The fundamentals of server management usually come down to matters of the server or the network. Domains, public and private network IP’s, firewall management, subnets, transfer protocols, and the like, typically fall into network engineering. On the other hand, server administration includes your web server’s underlying kernel, virtual memory, httpd service and virtual hosts.  He […]

Digital Strategy From Scratch: Part 2

In the first installment of this series, Digital Strategy From Scratch, I discussed the first four steps of a successful digital strategy for a new stand-alone e-commerce (B2C) business. The first four steps included launching a good website, optimizing packaging and shipping, optimizing for mobile, and beginning a thoughtful email marketing strategy. These steps represent […]

The Micro-optimization of Website Traffic

Website traffic is a key performance metric in digital marketing. In fact, website traffic is one of the big three digital macro-data points that also include average order value and conversion rate. These three variables are critically important because they all directly impact revenue. From a high level, it is easy to understand that elevation any […]

Moz Pro or SEMrush

The question, Moz Pro or SEMrush? is not the beginning of a journey but the end instead. The original question was what is the best SEO tool for marketers? The last and final question to be asked on this trip of analyzing the tech specs of over 10 SEO/SEM tools available today is, MozPro or […]