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WooCommerce Stripe Recurring Payments and More: Stripe Terminal Plugin

WooCommerce Stripe recurring payments (i.e. subscriptions) are a huge perk for a Stripe Terminal Plugin. Arcane offers that and a number of other features too…  Looking for a Stripe Terminal Plugin that works with WooCommerce and also supports (or currently supports) in-person sales as well as WooCommerce Stripe recurring payments? Maintaining a separate point-of-sale system […]

Business Intelligence Services: The Basics

How do Power BI, DOMO Business Intelligence, and Grow compare when it comes to your Business Intelligence Services? Adding Business Intelligence Services can seem like a daunting undertaking. Mike and Lou try to lay out the groundwork and put some of the main players in perspective.  Take a listen to find out how Power BI, […]

RCS Messaging: A Review of Its Capabilities

SMS and MMS have been king and queen of mobile messaging for several years now, but with RCS messaging, could there be a usurper on the horizon? RCS, Rich Communication Service, is not necessarily a brand new technology but it is starting to gain traction in new devices and existing networks.  Up until recently most […]

Is RCS the Future of Messaging?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Service. It is not necessarily a brand new technology but it is starting to gain traction in new devices. That is why we ask the question: Is RCS messaging the future of messaging? Up until recently most devices and service providers could not support the file size that is required […]

Stripe Hype: Why Stripe Is Worth It

If you’re a merchant, you might be wondering, “Is the Stripe hype everything it’s cracked up to be? Is it a good call to go with Stripe?” Well, with over 35,000 businesses using it to process online payments they must be doing things right. We have been on the Stripe Hype train for quite a […]