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ArcanePOS v1.1 Upgrade Announcement

As we look towards 2021, Arcane is pleased to announce updates to the Arcane POS system deployed today 12/29/2020. If you are a Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce PRO plugin user, contact us at for a free demo of our managed solution at New Features! Misc Charges on Printable Receipts:  Misc charges and discounts […]

Arcane Stripe Terminal vs Square: Comparing Mobile POS, Virtual Terminals + More

When it comes to comparing our Stripe terminal vs Square, we get it – we’re a little biased. But with some helpful tools and transparent cost analysis at the ready, we just couldn’t resist throwing our voice into the mix… After all, comparing mobile POS systems can seem daunting — it’s hard enough just sorting […]

What is EPOS?

Whether or not you’ve heard the acronym, you’re likely quite familiar with EPOS systems by now… EPOS, which stands for electronic point of sale, is the system by which merchants collect and track payments using a combination of hardware and software. Nowadays, EPOS systems are used in some form or another, with differing levels of […]

The Rise of Contactless Card Readers During COVID-19

Of all the ways COVID-19 continues to impact how business is conducted in the US and worldwide, the rise of contactless card readers certainly counts among them. As of this past June, Forbes reports that contactless payments in the US had risen 150%. Given the many uncertainties surrounding daily life, our economy, and COVID-19, it […]

FREE Cloud Migration Checklist (for Azure, AWS + More)

As you get ready to move your business’s services to The Cloud, avoiding common mistakes and planning around a cloud migration checklist can save you money. It can also save you a lot of hassle. To help you on your path to The Cloud, make sure you’re ticking all four boxes from our Cloud Migration […]