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What is Managed Services?

There are a lot of terms and phrases to learn in the IT field: Hosting Provider, Integrated Solutions, DevOps, CI/CD, Managed Services, and many others. While we could write a post on each of these (maybe we will…), Managed Services is something we are getting a lot of questions about and something we have been […]

Stripe Card Readers: What Are My Options?

Trying to figure out which Stripe Card Readers work best with Arcane’s Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin? We’ve got you covered. Some card readers may not be compatible with your setup. Or perhaps you just want to know what alternatives there are for working with Stripe. We’ll go through each of the available options on […]

2020 DevOp Trends: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Now that 2020 has begun, there have been a lot of tech bloggers talking about the top 2020 DevOps Trends to look out for. Mike and Lou review some of these to let you know if they are real changes or just noise. Starting with IOT and some of the talks we had with Matthew […]

Stripe Terminal with WooCommerce Setup Video

We decided to put together a quick Stripe Terminal with WooCommerce Setup Video to help users install and activate their Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce plugin. In this video, we walk through how to download, install and activate the plugin as well as the Verifone p400. You can watch the video here and follow the […]

3 Easy Steps to Connect Your WooCommerce Store and Your Stripe Account

Our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin has been getting a lot of attention and questions from users. Most of the questions have dealt with availability and installation. To help with both of these, we thought it would be helpful to put together an installation guide and talk about its availability in a blog post. How […]