What Is Stripe?

Stripe Terminal Cost Effectiveness: How Stripe Terminal Saves Businesses Thousands In Fees

If you’re wondering about Stripe Terminal cost effectiveness, read on… How can small businesses maximize Stripe Terminal cost effectiveness to reduce credit card transaction fees and save thousands? How do you reduce Stripe fees? These are all important questions. In this blog we’ll explore how Stripe can help save you money. With a structure that […]

How to Connect Stripe with WooCommerce

Ever wonder how to connect Stripe with WooCommerce? Read on to find out how you can have your Stripe physical payments connected with your WooCommerce store. Today we are rolling out a new version of our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin. Our PLUS version allows up to 3 users with most of the features of […]

WooCommerce POS: Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Pro Installation Video

We know how critical a WooCommerce POS synced up to your Stripe POS system can be to your business’s success. That’s why we’re excited to share that our Pro Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce installation video is up on Youtube! In this video we will walk you through installing, connecting, and using our Stripe Terminal WooCommerce […]

Mobilize Your Verifone P400

UPDATE: As of 9/15/21 the Verifone P400 will be replaced with the BBPOS Wise POS E which is a fully mobile/wireless reader. If you’ve been looking at our Stripe Terminal solutions, chances are you’ve been interested in bringing your in-person transactions out on the road with your Verifone P400.  Like many small business owners, WooCommerce […]

Stripe Credit Card Reader Options

Trying to figure out which Stripe Credit Card Reader works best with Arcane’s Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin? We’ve got you covered. Some card readers may not be compatible with your setup. Or perhaps you just want to know what alternatives there are for working with Stripe. We’ll go through each of the available options […]

Your Stripe Terminal App: Stripe Terminal WooCommerce Setup Video

Want to be up and running with your Stripe Terminal App? You’ll want to get going with our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce… We decided to put together a quick WooCommerce Stripe Setup Video to help users install and activate their Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce plugin. In this video, we walk through how to download, […]

3 Easy Steps to Connect Your WooCommerce Store and WooCommerce POS Card Reader

Questions About the WooCommerce POS Card Reader Our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin has been getting questions about connecting the WooCommerce POS Card Reader with your WooCommerce store. Most of the questions have dealt with availability and installation. To help with both of these, we thought it would be helpful to put together an installation […]

WooCommerce Stripe Recurring Payments and More: Stripe Terminal Plugin

WooCommerce Stripe recurring payments (i.e. subscriptions) are a huge perk for a Stripe Terminal Plugin. Arcane offers that and a number of other features too…  Looking for a Stripe Terminal Plugin that works with WooCommerce and also supports (or currently supports) in-person sales as well as WooCommerce Stripe recurring payments? Maintaining a separate point-of-sale system […]

Stripe Hype: Why Stripe Is Worth It

If you’re a merchant, you might be wondering, “Is the Stripe hype everything it’s cracked up to be? Is it a good call to go with Stripe?” Well, with over 35,000 businesses using it to process online payments they must be doing things right. We have been on the Stripe Hype train for quite a […]

Stripe for Developers: What’s the Verdict?

We talk a lot about customers’ experience with Stripe but what about Stripe for developers? Do developers like working with Stripe? Since our developers have been working with Stripe for the past few months we decided to ask them if they have been enjoying it. Creating an in-store checkout option for our clients as well […]