ArcanePOS v1.1 Upgrade Announcement

by Mike Ricotta - December 29, 2020

As we look towards 2021, Arcane is pleased to announce updates to the Arcane POS system deployed today 12/29/2020.

If you are a Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce PRO plugin user, contact us at for a free demo of our managed solution at

New Features!

  • Misc Charges on Printable Receipts:  Misc charges and discounts will now display on the printable receipts.
  • Escapable Orders:  In addition to the use of the “Cancel” button, terminal orders may be canceled by hitting the “Esc” key on your keyboard.
  • 45 Second Terminal Timeout:  In order to address the browser-freezing problems, the terminal will automatically cancel an order after 45 seconds following button click.
  • Manage Settings > Disable Guest Checkout:  For businesses requiring registered users for all purchases, the “disable guest checkout” option on the settings page will accomplish this.
  • Manage Integrations > Mark Orders Pending/Processing:  For businesses wanting to mark completed orders as “processing” (instead of “completed”) within WooCommerce, visit the “Manage Integrations” page and select and save this checkbox.

Bug Resolution

  • Printable Receipts:  Some customers reported a warning upon completed order which prevented the ability to print a receipt (“Subscription setup failed. Invalid store or order id”).  We believe this has been resolved.  If you continue to experience this, please report it to our support team at

Our Feature Pipeline for Q1 2021

  • Barcode Scanning:  We’ll be integrating with one approved USB-connected barcode scanner in Q2
  • Support for Discounts and Coupon Codes:  In the current workflow, discounts may only be applied through negative misc charges.  We will be supporting both Stripe and WooCommerce coupons and promo codes.
  • Misc Charges with Decimals:  In the current workflow, the misc charges only take integers (ie. 100 instead of 1.00).  We’ll update this to allow for standard decimals.
  • Editable WooCommerce Orders:  In the current workflow, an order is created upon “proceed to checkout”, so returning to edit the cart before proceeding will therefore create 2 orders.  Our team will be investigating whether we can retrieve and store the first order ID in order to update the cart items instead of creating a second order.  This will help resolve inventory problems.
  • Cancellation Warning:  In the current workflow, the order is canceled and then a page refresh is requested to clear the cart.  If the page refresh is declined, the order remains canceled and the cart remains open.  The page refresh alert will be replaced with a warning message and corresponding custom refresh action.