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Project Life Cycles Podcast

by Lou Chapman - October 1, 2019

In our most recent podcast we talk about Project Life Cycles; how they have changed, how they might change, and how to effectively stay on task. This conversation started to get long and talk about something a little different so we broke it into two podcasts. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our mailing list to get notified when part two comes out next week. Here is a small excerpt from this podcast:
“Generally we use JIRA, for project management.  And, you know, like we talked about versioning, we’ll use Bitbucket or GitHub for version control.  We work with… anyone who’s seen our cloud services offerings out there, we work with AWS a lot, we work with Azure a lot.  Google Cloud Compute is another service that we’ve worked with.  We’ve worked with Rackspace but you know that’s not really as much of a platform as a service.”


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