3 Easy Steps to Connect Your WooCommerce Store and Your Stripe Account

3 Easy Steps to Connect Your WooCommerce Store and Your Stripe Account

by Mike Ricotta - January 15, 2020

Our Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce plugin has been getting a lot of attention and questions from users. Most of the questions have dealt with availability and installation. To help with both of these, we thought it would be helpful to put together an installation guide and talk about its availability in a blog post.

Arcane Stripe Terminal fro Woo Tutorial Infographic

How to Install Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce Plugin

Our plugin is easy to install and add to your WooCommerce website/store. Follow these 3 easy steps to set up your new plugin and card reader:

  1. Download, install, and activate the plugin.
    1. You can download our plugin from the WordPress plugin store. Unzip the package to your plugins directory and activate it.  This will integrate it into your existing WooCommerce and Stripe Gateway plugins.
  2. Set up your Stripe Terminal certified Verifone P400 card reader.
    1. Next, make sure your terminal is turned on and connected to the internet. On your terminal, type “07139” and you’ll see a registration code is returned on the screen.
  3. Complete reader registration.
    1. Finally, on the plugins page, select “Settings” then click the “Add Reader” button.  Enter the registration code from step 2 into the prompt on the WordPress settings page. This is typically a string of words separated by hyphens. Then submit a name for it.

That’s it! After the reader has been added you will be able to select it as a payment option on your point-of-sale while logged in with a store manager account.

Arcane's Stripe and Woo Image

Where can you use our Plugin

Our plugin is built on WooCommerce and Stripe Terminal, therefore access to this software is required to run it. While Woo is used all over the world, Stripes Terminal is currently limited to the United States. You can request an invite to use Stripe Terminal from their website to help bring it to your country. Along with these software requirements, any website using our plugin will need to have the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin version 4.2+.

Why use the Pro Version of our Plugin

A Pro-Version of our plugin is also available for purchase on our website. Some of its key features include:

  • Locations Management
    • Multiple locations each maintaining multiple readers and cashier assignment.
  • Customer Data Storage
  • Supports Pre-Dipping cards for faster purchases
  • Subscription Purchases
  • 1 Hour Setup Consultation