Git Version Control Podcast

Git Version Control Podcast

by Mike Ricotta - September 13, 2019

Git It, Got Git, Good! What is Git Version Control? We’ve got you covered.

Listen in as we talk about everyone’s favorite, Git Version Control. Version control is the worldwide adopted solution to yesteryear’s problem of code management.
Originally developed for the purpose of documenting feature updates for major, minor, and patch work updates to software, version control has become critical to improving both developer delegation and agile development workflows. When working with multiple developers, ensuring that code is not being overwritten by one another used to be solved by checking out files individually, which adds a great deal of overhead. With version control systems like Git, two separate develoeprs can work on the same codebase simultaneously and seemlessly merge code together. Moreover, with branch management, features can be built in parallel to stability patch work, thereby allowing for agile development workflows without an impact to timelins and stability. There are many platforms, syntaxes, and methodologies to Version Control. In this podcast we talk about Git specifically.  Here is a small excerpt:

“It used to be that if you’re talking about web, you’d be uploading your files via FTP, or SSH, SFTP, whatever… and there was really a difficulty in being able to manage the ability to have multiple developers work on a single application without overwriting each others work…”

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