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Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin

$500.00 / year

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Download our latest version of the Stripe Terminal plugin for WooCommerce.

This plugin will convert your WooCommerce store-front into a point-of-sale checkout portal when used with the Verifone P400 Stripe terminal. It requires WooCommerce plus WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin version 4.2+, by WooCommerc/Automattic.

Your annual subscription will provide you with this current version of the plugin and support for all minor releases.

Release Notes:

  • The checkout procedure remains the same but will now offer you a Stripe Terminal option, which merely requires you to select the Terminal option and click to open your reader.
  • Locations management (multiple locations each maintaining multiple readers)
  • Ability to use terminal as a customer, not requiring admin/manager login. This is done through maintaining an “in-person” location relative to the network.
  • Ability to collect and import customer data
  • Support for pre-dipping cards for faster purchases
  • Supports all product types including Stripe and WooCommerce Subscription purchases
  • This plugin may encounter issues with the “Merge + Minify + Refresh” plugin and other compile and minify production asset plugins. If problems are encountered, simply deactivate your minifcation plugin, reload the page, then reactivate the minification plugin to rebuild cache with the new files.