Why Stripe is Worth the Hype

Why Stripe is Worth the Hype

by Lou Chapman - November 25, 2019

Is Stripe Worth The Hype? With over 35,000 businesses using it to process online payments they must be doing right. We have been on the Stripe Hype train for quite a while now. I’ve have been blogging about it for a few months now as well. That is why we decided to talk about why we think it is worth all the hype it is getting. We compare Stripe to other payment providers like Aurthorize.net and PayPal and talk about how they all interact with websites. Here is a small excerpt:

And so up until today, if you had to break it down, you would say like Authorize.net’s got the big backs or big banking backing. And that’s pretty much been the gold standard. PayPal’s got multiple different methods of credit card transactions and the fees are relatively the same. But for the most part, people who don’t want to be PCI compliant have to use off site credit card processing transactions. Stripe has managed to bridge the gap between the, both of them by providing a well-funded, just, you know, PayPal’s really well funded, don’t get me wrong.


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