Brand Name Generator Free Tool

Brand Name Generator Free Tool

by Mike Ricotta - August 2, 2019

Ever wish you had a brand name generator free tool to help you come up with the best brand name and matching domain possible?

Sometimes the seemingly simple business decisions end up being the most complex and time-consuming; wouldn’t a brand generator tool save every business owner some time?

For example, selecting the name of your company or your brand might seem like a simple and straight-forward task. However, once you actually begin the process of generating a brand and the subsequent process of logo creation, the gravity of the naming process begins to set in.

There are quite a few details to consider. For example, will the name result in a nickname, what are the name’s initials, is the name so obscure that no attributes can be quickly assigned, just to mention a few. It is possible for a business to re-invent their brand and rename the organization but it is certainly not ideal and likely to impact the business.

Many names like Twitter and Facebook are new words or phrases that never existed. Some people are really clever and have no problem creating words or names out of thin air but for others, this prospect is a little intimidating. At Arcane Strategies, brand building is one area of expertise for us. We understand that the details can sometimes hold up the process of creating a great business. That’s why we created a simple tool that could help you discover the perfect brand name for your business.

Brand Name Generator Free Tool: How It Generates The Brand

The concept behind our tool is very simple although the working logic is quite complex. The Arcane Brand Name Generator takes words you enter and analyses their properties against several data sets. Next, the generator creates a list of all possible letter, syllable, and word combinations that can be created using the entire English language.  For example, if you were creating a new social media platform, you might enter Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. These current successful brands already operating in the social media space and will be good for the tool. The Brand Name Generator would then look for patterns within the dataset you created and attempt to return suggested brands. Once the analysis is complete, the tool creates a report of words generated displaying the most common characteristics of the brand names you initially entered. This list is then displayed for you the user and can be emailed to your inbox as a CSV file to use during your next brand-building brainstorm exercise.

But what about domain name availability? Suppose you find the perfect name. The first thing you need to do is check the availability of that name with a domain registry like NameCheap. Is your domain is available? Buy it before someone else does. What if it’s not available as a .com? You might consider searching the .net or the .co version of your brand name. If no version of your brand name is available, explore a little bit further, it might be for sale.

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After You Use the Brand Name Generator Free Tool: Buying  the Matching Domain

One of the convenient features of the Arcane Brand Name Generator free tool is an automatic availability check. When you receive your results, the report will provide information about the availability of all returned results. This way you don’t have to waste precious time checking the availability of each domain through a domain registry. Remember, you are in control of the maximum price of your search. Your favorite brand name is not available? Try increasing your maximum price threshold and run your query again. Or, you may check its status on NameCheap and see if it might be for sale.

Maybe you’re just thinking about starting a business. Our Brand Generator is a great tool for brainstorming your brand name. If you do discover the perfect brand name, and it’s available, it might be wise to go ahead and purchase the domain before someone else does. It usually doesn’t cost very much and if you don’t end up using it, you can always sell it later.

And if you’re still curious about how the AI for our tool works, read more about how our Brand Name Generator came to be.

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