AWS EC2 Security Group Tutorial

by Mike Ricotta - May 9, 2017

Given its importance, we’re offering an AWS EC2 Security Group tutorial to help you better understand the service.

Security Groups are AWS’s group-based firewalls for AWS EC2 cloud instances. These basic port management rules are managed within your console and can be set up to be reused on unlimited instances. Whiles these are an effective security measure in their own right, an ec2 security group should be used in conjunction with another firewall layer such as IPTables or UFW. Arcane CEO Michael Ricotta offers explanation of this service with instructions on how to complete the process of setting up your instance’s basic security settings.

View the video below or visit our YouTube channel.

First, visit and click to sign into the console. Once you login, select EC2 to advance to the console’s EC2 dashboard. Now that you’re here, you’re ready to begin the tutorial.