Memri.AI Testers Welcome!

Memri.AI Testers Welcome!

by Mike Ricotta - January 24, 2017

The time has come for MEMRI.AI!

As a founding member of, I’m pleased to announce Apple’s approval of public testing on Test Flight, which may be downloaded from the App store.  What is

Have you ever had a memory sitting on the tip of your tongue and you just can’t seem to put the pieces together?  Some restaurant you went to with someone you know, sometime in the past few months?

Guess what… aims to answer those burning questions.  With context and entity analysis, will remember people, places, things, ideas, dates, times, businesses, and more.  It will even recognize alternate names, synonyms, and other recognition factors.  With the help of available web services, geo-location services, and datetime analysis, Memri will even help you remember the names of things you didn’t even know, to begin with! is a memory recall application which allows users to store their personal memories through a secured platform to be recalled with even the most vague and piece-meal questions.  Our application will also offer you the opportunity to explore memory lane, track your To Do’s, and share your memories with others. is now 2 years in the making with founders Chris Merritt-Lish, Mike Trapanese, and Mike Ricotta.  It is available to download publicly, from Test Flight, a BETA app testing service available from the Apple App Store.  To learn more about Memri and sign up for news, announcements, and invitations to our BETA application, visit