Beck and Stone Podcast Episode

Beck and Stone Podcast Episode

by Mike Ricotta - August 27, 2019

Andrew Beck of Beck and Stone makes a guest appearance on the Arcane podcast…

Andrew Beck is the Creative Director and a Partner at Beck and Stone, a marketing and advertising firm in New York City. He joined us for a chat on marketing and branding in our most recent podcast. You can see the branding work of Beck and Stone here. We discuss how and why brand names like Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, and others came into existence and why they work. Andrew also brings up Arcane’s Brand Name Generator and how it is a good place to start when looking for a new brand name and matching domain (f you’re curious about the story behind this tool, you can check out our company brand generator podcast about how the Brand Name Generator came to be).

Here is a short excerpt from Andrew Beck’s interview:

“You can’t just take a word and remove some vowels or add a “ly” or an “er” at the end then suddenly – ‘Oh, yeah, that’s the name’. I mean part of it is just one; you know, people have already done this before so you have to just know that. [Two] is that you just have a more limited area to work in. You know – finding a domain name – finding something that is going to be unique, let alone objectively good is extremely difficult. That’s why that tool that Arcane has is very useful because it’s just letting you see okay – ‘Here’s just like a way for you to make an informed decision’.”


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