Create Brand Name Recognition

Create Brand Name Recognition

by Mike Ricotta - September 28, 2018

Things to consider to create brand name recognition for your company

Your brand will be one of your business’s most valuable assets, so it goes with out saying it’s a top priority for any business owner to create brand name recognition. Your brand will evolve and gain value as your business grows. Think of the brand as the front porch of a business.  If the front porch is beautiful and comfortable, customers will likely want to come up and sit for a while. Hopefully, over time, they will decide to come inside, have a look around, and finally convert. Although the brand has a look and feel of its own, one of the most important brand elements is the brand name. Knowing this, it is important to ask the question, What makes a strong, readily adaptable brand name?

You should also consider how the brand name you select translates into a stunning logo. Think about some of the most popular brands you know, like Netflix, Instagram, Nike, Google, Apple, Sony, for example. All of these brand names are compact and easy to convert stylistically into a great logo. This is not to say that longer brand names cannot translate into an eye-catching logo, but the letters of the brand name will become the dominant element of the logo. We often see long brand names being converted into acronyms before being incorporated into a logo. For example, IBM, IKEA, CVS, and JBL are great examples of brand acronyms that are also dominant logo elements.

To create brand name recognition, you also need to think long and hard about the name itself, and whether you might even invent your company name. Often, brand names are completely made up, they are created out of thin air to become something living, something substantial. Think about the brand Facebook. Before 2004, the word facebook did not exist. Today, Facebook not only exists, but it is also recognized globally. So, how do you create a brand name? What are the important elements to consider? Are the number of letters, syllables, and individual words important? What about pronunciation? More importantly, how do you make up a word? Want to try it out? Use our brand name generator tool.

Another important thing to consider as you begin the process of brand naming is availability. If your brand is going to have an online presence, you will want to verify that a domain name that represents your brand name is available. Fortunately, today, domain registries are expanding top-level domain (.com, .net, .org) offerings in order to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for exact matching brand name domains. Currently, there is some debate about the value in terms of search indexing and optimization relating to the top level domain. However, as demand for brand name specific domains increases it is likely that search engines like Google will become agnostic in their position on top level domain preferencing. So, if your .com is not available and it’s out of your purchase price range, consider shifting to .co, .net, or .pub.

In summary, let’s review the most important points in creating the perfect brand name. Think of your brand name as the front of your business. It’s what everyone sees from the road and you don’t want to change it, ever. So, it’s worth spending some time experimenting with names and logos. If your brand name requires two or three individual words, you may consider compressing it into an acronym for logo creation. Once you settle on the perfect brand name, you will need to purchase a corresponding domain name from your favorite domain registry. We recommend using Namecheap because you can usually save a little money for essentially the same service as most of the other domain registries. If the .com version of your domain is not available, try the .co or .net version of the domain. Discovering your brand name and securing the domain for your brand are two important steps in starting your business off on the right foot, so don’t forget to explore our brand generator tool today!