Important ArcanePOS v2.2 Release Information

by Mike Ricotta - December 9, 2021

Critical Update information for ArcanePOS Mobile app users on the v2.2 release

A required update of the ArcanePOS mobile application has been released to iOS and Android. Please be sure to review the information below for a better understanding of what has changed and what to expect.

Stripe Reader M2 Support

Heck Yes!  This version includes the Stripe SDK v2 which supports use of Stripe’s new M2 reader.

BBPOS Chipper Security Patch (Firmware Updates)

ATTENTION:  This version contains a security patch released in Nov 2021 which is required for all BBPOS Chipper devices. After you download the updated application, you must run the firmware updates on each of your BBPOS Chipper readers. This is required and will automatically run upon connecting to your device. Before beginning the process, be sure to charge your device fully and do not close the app nor turn off the device during the upload process. To complete the upload process, visit “Discover Readers” on the mobile app, perform the discover readers search, then select your reader to connect to it. During the connection process, the firmware will upload to your device automatically, this may take 5+ minutes to complete (again, do not close/power-off the app/device). During this process your reader will flash blue and green, yellow, or white lights for several minutes. Prior to completion, the flashing light will change to an orange or red signal and all of blue leds atop your device will light up. Immediately upon completion, the device will return to its normal state (blue light) and the mobile application screen will change to indicate that the reader has been connected.

Stripe SDK V2

As indicated above, this version includes the Stripe SDK V2 which is required for Stripe’s 2022 enforced account changes including location assignment for all readers. While the V2 SDK has been public for some time, the open source community had not released a ReactNative Stripe SDK V2 wrapper for iOS and Android SDKs, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to complete that and release that within this update.

Default Location

Stripe now requires all devices to be assigned to a location. As such, the SDK V2 update also attaches a location to each reader when the reader is being registered. If no location exists, a default location is created. The default location creation step was released in an earlier version of our app. Future roadmap changes will include reader management.

Terminal for Stripe and WooCommerce Plugin

  • Several users have notified us of a regression error resulting from a design change introduced by the Stripe Gateway development team’s release of their version 5.8. In this update of theirs, the “UPE Settings Redesign Enabled” checkbox overrides settings forms with an empty div (thus hiding settings). We have released an update of our PRO and FREE plugins which contains a patch to override this issue, last week.
  • v2.2 of our Plugin will be released within the next few days in an effort to create better dat storage for custom items and billing information. Until then, misc/custom charges will continue to be absent from WC orders for WC integrated ArcanePOS users. Be sure to install this update as soon as it is available, in order to avoid any issues with the v2.2 app release.

Arcane Virtual Terminal POS

  • API changes will be rolled out on a consistent basis to continue improved performances in the ArcanePOS mobile application.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any issues
  • Structural changes for better support of standalone integrations (Stripe only) will be deployed in the coming weeks.  These updates will also ready our application for Shopify and PayPal integrations!

Roadmap Changes

In order to address priority needs for current existing users of our application, barcode scanning will be pushed into late Q1 in order to accommodate these ’21 Q4 and ’22 Q1 changes:

  • Orders panel for Arcane Virtual POS web app (Dec ’21)
  • Customer Portal for Arcane Virtual POS users
  • WC Plugin Tax management by location assignment where available