Stripe for Developers: What’s the Verdict?

Stripe for Developers: What’s the Verdict?

by Mike Ricotta - November 6, 2019

We talk a lot about customers’ experience with Stripe but what about Stripe for developers?

Do developers like working with Stripe? Since our developers have been working with Stripe for the past few months we decided to ask them if they have been enjoying it. Creating an in-store checkout option for our clients as well as developing a Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin has given them plenty of experience with it. Here is a Q&A we did with our development team based on the Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin they created:

Stripe for Developers Q & A:

1. What did we build?

We built a WooCommerce plugin for providing Stripe Terminal as a gateway option for a WooCommerce store that allows in-store payments using a payment reader.

2. How does it work?

It takes advantage of the Stripe APIs and WooCommerce plugins to provide the functionality necessary for communicating with the terminal reader and the WooCommerce store.

3. What equipment/other plugins do you need?

WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugins are required. You also obviously need a Stripe account, and a Verifone p400 terminal reader.

4. What did you like/not like about it?

It provides a seamless and easy way to integrate your payment gateway to your website without necessarily exposing a third party during the checkout/payment flow like PayPal does. It also handles the security aspect of maintaining customer information for you. There’s not really anything I’ve encountered to date I’d say I dislike about Stripe. It’s what I’d use for a personal project if I needed to accept payment online.

5. Stripe for developers: How does stripe compare to other Payment systems?

Stripe provides an easy to use a payment gateway that takes care of tons of things of accepting credit card (and other) payments online. It also offers fraud prevention benefits that are typically superior to the other products I’ve tried. Unlike something such as PayPal, Stripe allows seamless integration of their API on your site which allows you to keep your look and feel during the payment processing step without exposing the user to your third party payment gateway. It also provides far better fraud prevention tools than PayPal ever has in my experience. Stripe also has the advantage of easy signup and setup compared to setting up your own payment gateway through a traditional bank provider that requires you to jump through hoops to end up with nothing better than what something like Stripe offers.

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