The History and Future of Encryption

The History and Future of Encryption

by Lou Chapman - November 8, 2019

Encryption is always changing. We talk about how it started, the paths it has taken, and where we think it will go in this Arcane Radio Podcast. From Caesar Ciphers to Blockchain, we do our best, high-level, and quick review of encryption. Finally, we bring up ways consumers and businesses use encryption. Here is a small excerpt:

So I just wanted to have that conversation because I think it’s important that people understand that there are encryption methods that are intended to handle safer forms of communication. You know, like if you’re encrypting a message, whether it’s an email or you know, if you’re encrypting a card payment, credit card payment or something like that, with a merchant provider, or if you’re using just a method of encryption that makes your website more secure or just overall experience for whatever data you’re transmitting more secure, that is your encryption-decryption method.

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