Introducing Rumble’s New Concept: Training

Introducing Rumble’s New Concept: Training

by Mike Ricotta - November 12, 2019

Rumble Boxing has opened a new training concept with 2 new studios to support it in NY and SF. Everything you enjoyed about the classic Rumble Boxing experience is now boosted by a treadmill & strength group fitness program. These classes will be available in the upcoming weeks at their new training locations in San Francisco and New York City. 

What is Rumble Boxing?

For those that don’t know about Rumble; Rumble Boxing is a revolutionary fitness program with a storied history with Arcane Strategies. Their first concept, Rumble Boxing, combined group fitness floor exercises with a bit of good old punch-training and the kick a$$ attitude that fitness junkies love. With the aid of their top-notch marketing staff, Arcane has built numerous web development products for Rumble and regularly developed and supported operations software to support business intelligence analytics, automated administrative workflows, and automated re-engagement methods.

New Group Training Classes.

Rumble Training builds upon the swagger established by Rumble Boxing over the past three years. The 10-round, 45-minute workout is evenly divided between two styles of training. Half of the class is spent on custom treads: sprinting, climbing, and pushing. The other half of the class is spent with a variety of resistance tools: pressing, pulling, squatting, crunching, and jumping. Think less boxer and more athlete. While the class architecture is similar (10 rounds, 3-minute rounds, two styles of training), the workout is completely fresh. The custom Rumble treads have been meticulously crafted for power and ease of use. Add to that a wider variety of resistance options on the floor and the workout is a whole new way to Rumble.

Future Openings

Keep an eye out for two new openings in New York and San Francisco.