Rumble Boxing Technology Helping Company’s Expansion

Rumble Boxing Technology Helping Company’s Expansion

by Mike Ricotta - November 12, 2019

With Rumble Boxing technology is key to its business operation and popularity. And its popularity shows…

Rumble Boxing is celebrating the opening of four new locations within the last 30 days. These new locations are a mix of their classic Boxing classes and their new Training Classes, spread across New York City and San Francisco.

You can read about their new training classes in our previous blog post, here. These new training classes are a change of pace from their Boxing Classes, introducing treadmills to the equation.

What is Rumble Boxing?

For those that don’t know, Rumble Boxing is a revolutionary fitness program with a storied history with Arcane Strategies. Their first concept, Rumble Boxing, combined group fitness floor exercises with a bit of good old punch-training and the kick a$$ attitude that fitness junkies love. With the aid of their top-notch marketing staff, Arcane has built numerous web development products for Rumble and regularly developed and supported operations software to support business intelligence analytics, automated administrative workflows, and automated re-engagement methods – and this Rumble Boxing technology is helping the company in its expansion.

Where’s The Party At?

The four new Rumble locations are split between New York City and San Francisco, CA.  You can view all their locations and book classes on their website:

  • Tribeca Boxing – 124 West St, New Y ork, NY
  • Flat Iron / Chelsea Training – 49 West 23rd, New Y ork, NY
  • Palo Alto Boxing – 611 Emerson St, Palo Alto, CA
  • Marina Training – 3322 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA

Keep An Eye Out!

Rumble also has locations in Philly, DC, and LA, plus 5 more locations in NY and SF.  Keep your eyes peeled, you’re bound to find one!