Project Life Cycles Podcast

In our most recent podcast we talk about Project Life Cycles; how they have changed, how they might change, and how to effectively stay on task. This conversation started to get long and talk about something a little different so we broke it into two podcasts. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our […]

Version Control Podcast

Git It, Got Git, Good! Listen in as we talk about everyone’s favorite Version Control. There are many platforms, syntaxes, and methodologies. In this podcast we talk about, you guessed it, Git.  Here is a small excerpt: “You could technically use a version control software to manage any sort of changing asset that is, can […]

Branding with Andrew Beck

Andrew Beck is the Creative Director and a Partner at Beck & Stone, a marketing and advertising firm in New York City. He joined us for a chat on marketing and branding in our most recent podcast. You can see Beck & Stone’s branding work here. We discuss how and why brand names like Uber, Facebook, […]

Brand Generator Podcast

Our First Podcast! Listen in as we discuss the purpose and mechanics behind our Brand Generator tool. This Brand Generator is the perfect tool for constructing a distinct and original name for a new product or identity. Along with creating a new brand name, the generator will look for matching open domains. This ensures that your new […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Incognito Mode Podcast

Arcane’s second Podcast is up for your listening! In this podcast, we review an older article our CEO Mike Ricotta wrote in 2017 that is still talked about today. The Do’s and Don’ts of Incognito Mode. In this article (and podcast) we are discussing; uses for Incognito Mode, its misconceptions and ways to protect yourself while on […]