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Project Lifecycle Podcast

The project lifecycle – how it continues to change, how to effectively stay on task, and more The project lifecycle is the topic of our most recent podcast. We talk about how it has changed, how project lifecycles might change, and how to effectively stay on task. This conversation started to get long and talk […]

Git Version Control Podcast

Git It, Got Git, Good! What is Git Version Control? We’ve got you covered. Listen in as we talk about everyone’s favorite, Git Version Control. Version control is the worldwide adopted solution to yesteryear’s problem of code management. Originally developed for the purpose of documenting feature updates for major, minor, and patch work updates to […]

Beck and Stone Podcast Episode

Andrew Beck of Beck and Stone makes a guest appearance on the Arcane podcast… Andrew Beck is the Creative Director and a Partner at Beck and Stone, a marketing and advertising firm in New York City. He joined us for a chat on marketing and branding in our most recent podcast. You can see the […]

Company Brand Generator Tool Explained

How our Company Brand Generator tool leverages AI to come up with company and product names Our First Podcast! Listen in as we discuss the purpose and mechanics behind our Company Brand Generator tool. This Brand Generator is the perfect tool for constructing a distinct and original name for a new product or identity. Along […]

What Is Incognito Mode? A Podcast

What is Incognito Mode – some do’s and don’ts, as well as how it’s has changed over time… Arcane’s second Podcast, “What Is Incognito Mode: Do’s and Don’ts,”  is up for your listening! In this podcast, we review an older article our CEO Mike Ricotta wrote in 2017, The Do’s and Don’ts of Incognito Mode, […]